22 09 ANPET noticia bulletinWhat: Publications by SIG A4-Handbook on High-Speed Rail and Quality of Life and Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development

SIG A4 lunched their second publication at a highly successful plenary session of the recently held EASTS (Eastern Asia for Transportation Studies) conference. High-speed rail development has been recognized as an important policy tool for regional development around the world but faces a range of challenges in its execution. Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development encompasses comprehensive discussions and insights into the prevalent frontiers in HSR development, drawing on global cases and past experiences. Its objectives are to analyze and enhance the current state of understanding of HSR for policy making and expand its frontiers for future projects.

This publication follows the Handbook on High-Speed Rail and Quality of Life, which was published by SIG A4 in March 2020. Asia needs high-quality infrastructure development projects, such as high-speed rail, to drive economic growth and improve quality of life in the region. The studies in this handbook discuss transport infrastructure projects of varying geographic scale and describe the underlying complexities of developing an infrastructure system while focusing on the aspects that can enhance quality of life.

Both books are free to download. Full details can be found on the Asian Development Bank Institute website.